Since the dawn of time, humanity has pondered the existence of forces operating beyond the range of ordinary perception. It was correctly intuited that such transactions influence not only our inner life but also function as templates for condensation of physical matter. The ability to orchestrate these processes has thus been an enduring preoccupation.

In pre-technological times, ritual symbolism was applied to intervene in the resonant interplay between subjective and objective realms. With the advance of scientific instrumentation, this approach became superseded by direct manipulation of overt cause and effect relationships. While a degree of control is thereby assured, the downside of a materialistic worldview is progressive loss of willed personal access to extrasensory domains.

To restore the full scope of human potential, these two polarities must be consciously reunited into a single field of operation. In support of this aim, our evolutionary path can be envisioned as a spiral punctuated by fortunate realignments between past and present. One pragmatic way to usher in a new cycle is by repurposing modern technology to help restore a practice-based understanding of “esoteric” processes.

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