The Esoteric Technology forums were created to enable active engagement between members of the alternative science community. In accord with the theme of this website, please direct the content of posts toward one of the topic categories below. General discussion involving science, electronics or assembly skills are most productively held at venues specific to those disciplines.

Begin by describing in detail your interests, objectives and any assistance required or offered. Where appropriate, posts may be supplemented with uploaded plans and photos, as well as links to relevant external source material.

Let’s keep exchanges factual, concise, level-headed and non-commerical. To avoid unintentionally misdirecting others, shared technical information should be reliable to the best of one’s ability. We reserve the option to moderate posts if necessary to maximise availability of useful content. However, as responsibility cannot be taken for content provided by others, please rely upon your own inquiries.

Given that these forums have only recently begun, the publisher of this website will endeavour to provide relevant content by personally responding to initial posts.

Remedial Energies

Application of frequencies and patterns found in nature to promote wellbeing and counteract negative energies such as electro-pollution.

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