Sample Projects

As an introduction to the practical applications of esoteric technology, a range of projects has been devised explicitly for this website. All may be accessed via the top and side menus, or by selecting from the thumbnails on the Welcome page. Additional ones will be added as time permits, or according to visitor feedback. Each is comprised of functional building blocks which may also be mixed and matched to produce entirely new devices. The intended result is to impart a working overview of the field. In pursuit of our ideal of accessibility, minimal expense and technical skill are required. Nonetheless, replication should not be attempted by any person not suitably qualified in electronics. Diagrams and images containing significant detail may be viewed full size by clicking upon them. Then zoom in until component values and colour codes can be accurately read.

This website does not sell or otherwise supply completed devices. Practical questions regarding assembly or modification can be posted to the relevant one of our Forums. At the bottom of each project page is included a list of relevant keywords to assist with internet searches for background reading. For further ideas and inspiration, view the extensive Image Gallery by clicking in the sidebar. There are currently no accompanying captions, but inquiries for explanatory details are welcome.

PC Test Lab

Visual Analyser offers a full suite of computer-based electronic test applications.

To ensure reliable outcomes, the dedicated researcher will benefit from both signal generation and monitoring capabilities. Thanks to the rapid proliferation of consumer electro-technologies, costly test instruments are no longer the sole option. For example, the following resources enable the key functions of an oscilloscope and audio function generator to be replicated using only a personal computer and freely downloadable software.

PC Oscilloscope Interface
Visual Analyser Project
Sound Card Test Instruments
Audio Test File Generator

Solderless prototype board layouts on this website were created with Peeble.

Resistance value colour chart.

Fringe Science

This website should be interpreted as a provisional wedding between the intuition and hard science. Its content is therefore subject to ongoing revision and not to be acted upon unless independently verified by the end user. Importantly, the participating reader should recognise their subjective role in determining the outcome of psycho-spiritual experiments. This requires a learned sensitivity to subliminal energies so as to be thereby guided in the work.

It is the sole responsibility of the end user to ensure that any constructed device complies with all laws and regulations of their geographical region. Individuals with medical or psychological disorders are advised to consult a licensed physician prior to application of any influential modality. Disclaimer