Curio Books

To assist qualified researchers, the following vintage publications are for a limited time being made available to download as PDF’s. This material is provided solely to promote understanding of esoteric theory and historical perspective, and NOT for commercial, therapeutic or medical use. A number of titles are in French but considered of potential value to all readers for their enlightening diagrams and illustrations.


Cosmiculture Manual

De la Warr Manual of Radionic Practice

De la Warr Radionic Rate Book

Drown Radionic Rate Book

Organs and Symptoms Rate Book

Mind & Matter – June 1959

Mind and Matter V5-4

Mind and Matter V6-2

Distant Healing Bibliography

Subtle Energy

Evolution of Matter

Genero-Radiative Concept

Universal One

Radiations and Waves – Sources of Pure Life


Secret of Light

Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy

In French

Essai de Radiethesie Vibratroire

Initiation Aux Ondes de Forme

L’Eau la Zoologie, la Botanique

Accumulateur d’Energie Orgone

Les Mineraux, les Ondes les Froms Geometrique


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