Gravity Array

This project demonstrates an innovative mode of psycho-biological influence utilising electrokinetically generated perturbations in the local gravity field. According to modern physics, all matter in the universe is comprised of a limited set of fundamental particles. Some researchers speculate that these, although differing in behaviour, derive from a background field of dimensionless points, otherwise known as the ether. According to one theory, electricity arises when a 2D linear motion is imparted. By adding rotation, a 3D phenomena emerges that we term electromagnetism (EM). Within the field of electronics, the interfaces for these two domains are respectively the capacitor and coil.

The Capacitor

In its most basic form, a capacitor is comprised of two flat metal plates, pressed together like a sandwich with a insulating layer between. As discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown (above) in the 1950’s, when a voltage potential is applied across them, a small amount of lift occurs in the direction of the most positively charged plate. The effect is proportional to surface area, voltage magnitude and permittivity (dielectric constant) of insulating material chosen. The latter property relates to a desirable ability to retain charge without dissipation into the surrounding medium. It also reflects the degree to which constituent molecules elongate and align under electrostatic stress. The resultant recoil in the local ether acts as a concentrating “lens” for gravity. The latter can then be modulated by any voltage that alternates positive and negative polarity across the plates at one’s frequency of choice.

Being the “weakest” of the four fundamental forces, gravity represents a less broadly compelling entrainment influence. The main practical advantage is a centering of sensed impact within the head, whereas EM is whole body. This is not surprising given that brain cell RNA possesses one of the highest dielectric constants in nature. An evolved coupling mechanism is thereby suggested. Many people can feel a heaviness or “bearing down” during an electrical storm when the Earth’s surface charge reverses. Another example of subliminal reception is the onset of sleep and waking triggered by diurnal cycles of atmospheric plasma density.

Applying Charge

For demonstration purposes, the diagram at the beginning of this article employs minimal components and voltages. With appropriate skill and safety measures, the principle can be scaled, e.g. with anodised aluminum sheet and high Q insulating film. Although any audio signal source could be enlisted, here the opportunity will be taken to introduce ready-made sound recorder modules. These offer the advantage of low cost and stand-alone operation. Their primary limitation is the 10 or 20 second playback time of the fitted ISD1820 IC. To overcome this, ensure that a selectable “loop” feature is present. For greater fidelity than the on-board electret microphone, record directly from most any line level output such as a computer headphone socket. Simply replace the microphone with a 1K resistor, and add a 10K resistor in series with the signal source.

The IC contains a small amplifier, thereby enabling it to drive the 8 ohm primary winding of any audio step-up transformer. The one above is widely sold, and designed to boost output to 100V for line loss compensation in public address (PA) installations. On the secondary side, the tap with lowest labelled wattage and “common” are connected across the capacitor plates. If a portable device is preferred, substitute a “mini” line matching transformer, and operate from three “AA” batteries instead of a 5V plug pack.

It is worth noting that the output of the ISD1820 is bipolar, meaning the current reverses or “swings” across a neutral midpoint. In relation to the piezo’s, this constitutes a charge-discharge cycle allowing their internal voltage potential to track the dynamic of the input signal. By contrast, a unipolar signal would cause it to build to maximum and remain there, much like a hose inserted into a bucket.

Novel Emitter

The array is fashioned from six bare piezo speakers. These contain a very high quality Barium Titanate dielectric ideal for the purpose at hand. Be aware that they may pop or burst if excessive voltage is applied. Two of each are glued tightly together, large diameters face-to-face. This innovation bends the gravitational flux 90 degrees so it externalises in a radial plane as an active influence over the immediate area. As illustrated in the diagram at the beginning of this article, inner and outer plates are then wired in parallel, while the three pairs are wired in series. If leads must be soldered directly to the plates, apply solder to the wire and drop quickly in place while still wet to avoid heat damage. A 10R resistor is inserted to prevent overloading. Should the IC still become hot to the touch, increase this value.

Signal of Choice

Being firstly audio devices, the IC and PA transformer are not designed for passage of sub-30Hz, brain wave type signals. Given that our intent is to evoke a similar subjective response, there are two expedient work-arounds. The first is to amplitude and/or frequency modulate an ELF upon an affinitive audio frequency carrier. A software method is described on the MP3 ELF Entrainment page. The second, to be employed here, involves generating a signal with higher frequency content that produces an analogous, or otherwise desirable, result.

Under this broad criteria are included calming nature sounds such as running water and bird songs. However, since the intent is to co-opt gravity, there is an entity more specifically connected with its scope of activity. This is the Earth’s five geological layers. Online converters can translate the numeric wavelengths of their known outer circumferences into frequencies as listed below.

Crust: 23.5Hz
Upper mantle: 25.1Hz
Mantle: 26.2Hz
Outer core: 43Hz
Inner core: 122.3Hz

As also explained on the MP3 ELF Entrainment page, these can be individually generated in software, and then mixed. Aside from the beneficial implications of resonant bonding with our host planet, this addresses the aforementioned technical need to transpose the applied signal into the audio band. The above concept can be enacted on its own, or in conjunction with synchronous modalities to provide reinforcement.


Keywords: Electrogravity, T.T. Brown, Dynamic ether, Gravitational time dilation, Graviton, Minkowski space, Petrovoltaics, Dielectric constant, Hodonenec gravity, Grebennikov levitation, Reactionless drive


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